On this page, the arrangement of the discount authority and how the discount is applied during the order will be explained.

The authorization for discounts within businesses plays a crucial role in the efficient management of sales processes. Regulating the authority of specific employees or roles to determine and oversee discounts offered to customers enhances customer satisfaction while safeguarding the business’s revenue. Discount authorization delineates responsibilities among different users within the organization, ensuring that discounts are consistently applied within defined policies. This approach strengthens customer relations while safeguarding the financial balance of businesses.

How to edit discount permissions


1- Login to the MarketPOS application with “System Admin” user.

2- Click to Menu icon on the top left. Click to ADMINISTRATION MENUS and then click to “Admin Settings”.

3-Navigate to the ‘Cashier User Permissions‘ section on the opened screen and enter the Maximum Discount Rate? Allow the cashier user to enter the Maximum Discount Rate.

How to use the discount when taking order.


1- Click to Menu Button on the top left. Click to CASHIER MENUS and then click to Quick Sale.

2- Please select the products to order from the desired categories. When the products in the order are completed, click on the order summary. If an arrangement is to be made, changes in the number, features, etc. of the products are made in this part of the order. Tap the PAYMENT button on the order summary screen.

3- Click on the More Options button on the top right of the payment page. Discount Button is touched.

4- The discount desired to be made is entered in terms of percentage or money, and who made the discount is written. Click the OK button and the discount rate will decrease from the total price.

5- The order is completed by clicking the Complete button.

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