This page will explain how to record customer information.

With RePOS Restaurant POS Sales System, Customer Information Management Made Easy! Our application empowers business owners to effortlessly record customer details, enabling tailored services like package orders and credit sales. Capture, manage, and utilize customer data efficiently for personalized service. Easily define package orders for registered customers and facilitate credit sales with seamless transaction recording. The feature streamlines sales tracking, ensuring organized customer information and precise transactional records.


1- Login to the MarketPOS application with “SYSTEM ADMIN” user.

2-Click to Menu Button on the top left. Click to CASHIER MENUS and then click to Customer Management.

3- Tap the ( + ) Icon to add a new customer.

4-Customer Name, phone, address and e-mail address are written in the relevant fields.

5- Click the Add button and the process is completed.

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