This page will explain how to add and edit sales tax.

MarketPOS Sales application’s ‘Tax Addition’ feature facilitates tax calculations while managing your business sales and financial processes. This feature allows you to automatically compute taxes and add them to your sales, simplifying tax processes while ensuring financial balance for your business.

Automatic Tax Calculations: With the ‘Tax Addition’ feature of the ‘MarketPOS’ app, there’s no need for manual tax calculations. The system automatically adds and calculates the appropriate taxes to your sales.

Flexibility for Different Tax Rates: You can set multiple tax rates according to different requirements.

Accurate and Transparent Tax Management: The tax addition feature aids in managing your business’s tax processes accurately and transparently. It ensures both you and your customers engage in transactions with precise tax information.


1- Login to the MarketPOS application with “System Admin” user.

2- Click to Menu Button on the top left. Click to CASHIER MENUS and then click to Cashier Settings.

3- In the Sales Tax Settings, the sales tax is marked as available for use.

4- Touch the area marked in the picture to add a new tax or edit the existing one. Click the ADD button to add a new tax.

5- Write the Tax Name and Rate. Tap the ADD button. Then tab to “CANCEL” to exit.

6- Select the default tax.

7- The tax addition process has been successfully completed.

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