Adding a USB receipt printer connection to the MarketPOS POS app involves these steps:

  1. Choose a Compatible USB Receipt Printer: First, you must choose a USB receipt printer that your MarketPOS Sales app supports and is compatible with. It is generally compatible with all devices with USB connection type. You can get support from our technical team in choosing a receipt printer.
  2. Connect Printer: Connect the USB plug printer to an available USB port. This is in the form of a USB converter or USB port to the inputs on the bottom or top edge of your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Make Settings in the MarketPOS App: Open the MarketPOS app and go to the Printer Settings section in the “Settings” menu. You may need to make some settings so that the application can detect your USB plug printer and work accordingly.
  4. Test: After adjusting the settings, verify that your printer is working properly by performing a test. You can test it by printing a sample sales voucher or receipt.


1- Log in to MarketPOS as “System Admin“. Tap the “Menu icon” in the top left. Tap to “CASHIER MENUS” and then tap to “Cashier Settings“.

2- Tap the “Printer Selection” field in the cashier printer settings.

3- After connecting your device and your USB plug printer, select the USB Printer option from here.

4- After completing the connection, choose the receipt size from here according to the features of your printer.

5- Each printer has a different character code for each language. Learn the character codes of your printer and enter the language code in the marked field to change the printing character code.

6- Here you can choose how the printed order number will appear on the receipt.

7- For automatic cutting, turn on this setting if your printer has an automatic cutting feature.

8- Use this setting to include business address and telephone information on the bill.

9- For this setting to use English characters on the bill slip.

10- Turn on this setting to double print the order receipt.

11- Turn on this setting to abbreviate product names on the order slip.

12- Adjust the font size here.

13- You can write a thank you message in the last field of the order slip here.

14- After making all the adjustments, get a sample print from here.

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