Manage Your Stocks

The first step of a successful stock management is to organize and track all your products. All you have to do is add all your products to the MarketPOS system; is to activate stock management after entering information such as product name, price, code, cost. MarketPOS offers you a successful and easy stock management. In this article, we will explain how you can manage your inventory with MarketPOS.

How to Activate Inventory Management?

After creating your catalog in the Installer area, click on the “Inventory Management” tab from the left sliding menu.
From the drop-down list, the product to activate stock management is selected and the edit stock information of the selected products field is touched.
Inventory information is written and the Update button is touched.
The stock management of the selected product or products is now activated.

How to Track Current Stock Information?

You can follow the instant stock status of your products from the “Stock Status” tab on the left sliding menu in the Cashier User area.
In this area, the products with active stock management will appear.
You can follow your stocks instantly with the chart view, either from the list view or by touching the chart icon.



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