Create Your Online Store with MarketPOS

More than being a fast sales and ordering system, MarketPOS opens the doors of the internet to your business. With MarketPOS, you can get a special internet address for your business and take and sell online orders. Moreover, you do not pay an additional commission and online service fee. Switch to MarketPOS Professional Subscription and take your business online.

Login to the application from the Cashier User
From the left sliding menu, tap on the Online Market tab.
On the screen that opens, click the Open Online Order button.
On the screen that opens, tap the Sign In with Google Account button. Select the google account to log in and wait for a while.
After logging in, you can determine the domain name of your online store, according to your wishes, from here.
After determining the domain name, your online services are opened.
You can upload your company logo from the MarketPOS logo area.
You can write your business name in the field where MarketPOS Market/Buffet is written.
You can see what your online store looks like by tapping the See on Web button.
You can touch the Share button to share the address of your online store.
When you touch the settings button in the upper right corner, the operating status settings are opened.
You can instantly change the online order status settings of the business as open/closed/busy.
Bring your business to the internet with MarketPOS and increase your sales.

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