The business reports feature in the MarketPOS POS (Point of Sale) application is of great importance for business management and strategic decision-making. The importance of the report feature for businesses is as follows;

  1. Performance Analysis: The report feature allows analyzing the sales performance and income-expense status of the business. In this way, business owners and managers evaluate performance in certain periods and review business goals.
  2. Data-Driven Decisions: Reports provide business owners and managers with the ability to make data-based decisions. Decisions supported by data, such as which products sell best, increase business efficiency.
  3. Stock Management: The report feature shows the product stocks and inventory status of the business. This allows monitoring stock levels and reducing unnecessary inventory costs.
  4. Trend Analysis: Reports provide the opportunity to examine the business’ sales trends and customer behavior. This data helps in predicting future demand and adjusting strategies accordingly.
  5. Financial Control: The report feature is used to track income and expenses and assess financial health. Business owners use reports to control expenses and identify unnecessary costs.
  6. Customer Analysis: Reports are an important tool for understanding customer behavior. Data such as which products they prefer is used to create strategies to better serve customers.
  7. Strategic Planning: Reports help business owners create strategic plans for the future. Reports are used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business, determine growth targets and develop new marketing strategies.
  8. Data Reliability: Reports help increase the reliability of business data. Accurate data entry and regular checking of reports ensures more reliable data-based decisions.

As a result, the report feature in the MaketPOS Sales application supports the data-oriented management structure of businesses and helps them achieve better results. For business owners and managers, this feature plays a critical role in ensuring more effective and efficient business management.

Steps to Monitor Business Reports:

1- Log in to MarketPOS as “System Admin“. Tap the “Menu icon” in the top left. Access the “Report” Tab from the “CASHIER MENUS” in page that opens.

2- The Business Reports are displayed briefly in the opened area. Select the Reporting Period from the fields at the top.

3- Tap the Report Title to see a report in detail.

4- To view the report with Excel, tap the excel icon and open the report with the excel application.

5- To share the report, tap the Share button and share the report from an application of your choice.

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