This page describes how to view sales made to a customer.

About Past Customer Orders

This page focuses on our business’s past customer orders, presenting valuable insights derived from customer feedback and our business’s past performance. Here, you can explore the experiences our customers have had with us, how they evaluated their orders, and the areas where they expressed satisfaction or made specific requests.

Past customer orders serve as a catalyst for our business’s continuous improvement, enabling us to understand our customers’ needs and better serve them. On this page, you’ll find ideas on how our business can progress more effectively, based on the feedback from our customers.


1- Login to the MarketPOS application with “SYSTEM ADMIN” user.

2- Click to Menu icon on the top left. Click to CASHIER MENUS and then click to Customer Management.

3- Touch on the name of the customer whose previous orders from the registered customer list will be displayed. From the customer information screen, the Orders button is touched. Past orders made on the customer are displayed.

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