The MarketPOS Android scale POS system allows you to take measurements by connecting scale devices to your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). The Scale POS System is an excellent solution for businesses. This innovative platform operates with a scale integrated into your mobile devices, enabling you to quickly and accurately weigh your products in kilograms and grams. The automatic price calculation feature increases your business’s transaction speed while reducing the possibility of errors. Additionally, it enhances your business efficiency with functions such as inventory management and order tracking. Its Android compatibility provides flexibility, enabling transactions from anywhere. The MarketPOS Android Scale POS System helps make your business more efficient and profitable. It enables measurements by connecting scale devices to your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). This system is used in businesses, stores, warehouses, and many other fields. Here are the basic steps to use the Android scale POS system with MarketPOS:

  • Downloading and Installation of the Application: The initial step involves downloading and installing the MarketPOS application from the Google Play Store. This application facilitates communication between your scale device and your mobile device.
  • Connecting the Scale with the Mobile Device: To establish a connection between the scale and your mobile device, a USB cable or adapter connection is required. This step is chosen based on the type of connection between the scale and the mobile device and is implemented using cables or adapters.
  • Device Pairing: After activating the connection between the scale and the mobile device with the cable, you’ll need to pair the scale device with your mobile device. This process is guided by the application and generally consists of simple steps.
  • Measurement and Weighing: To conduct measurements or weighing using the scale device, place the object to be measured on the scale’s surface or platform. Initiate the weighing process using the relevant options available in the application.
  • Monitoring Results: The Android scale application usually displays the weight of the object numerically. Monitor these results, confirm, and proceed to the sales stage.

MarketPOS’s Android scale systems are useful tools to streamline your operations and enable more effective measurements.

This video is to explain how to use balance integration in practice.

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