The process of placing orders is a fundamental step for businesses in sourcing products or services. Traditionally, orders are commonly expressed in whole numbers, which is often the standard practice. However, in some instances, business needs may involve decimal quantities. Ordering with decimal quantities can be crucial in meeting precise measurements or specific demands. With our MarketPOS sales and inventory tracking system application, you can easily conduct sales using decimal numbers.

This page explains the steps to sell with decimal quantities.


1- Login to the MarketPOS application with “System Admin” user.

2- Click to Menu icon on the top left. Click to CASHIER MENUS and then click to Quick Sale.

3- Select the item for decimal sales. For example, to sell 1.5 units:

  • Tap ‘1’ on the numerical keypad.
  • Press the decimal point (‘.’) for the decimal separator.
  • Tap ‘5’.
  • Ensure ‘1.5’ is displayed at the bottom.
  • Now, tap the ‘1.5’ displayed at the bottom to proceed. To complete the order, press the ‘Order Summary’ button at the bottom.

4- Tap the “COMPLETE” button. You completed a decimal quantity sale.

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