MarketPOS is a powerful application designed to help you manage your business better and receive your orders quickly. Create and log in to MarketPOS quickly and securely using your Google account. Here is information about this feature:

Speed and Convenience: Logging into MarketPOS using your Google account speeds up the management of your business. It eliminates having to remember complex passwords.

Secure Login: Your Google account provides a secure login method. You can further protect MarketPOS with Google’s security measures.

Easy Setup: When using MarketPOS for the first time, you can quickly create an account using your Google account. This directs you to do business faster.

Meet the Powerful Features: After logging in with your Google account, you can explore the powerful features of MarketPOS. Everything you need to take orders, manage inventory and take better control of your business is at your fingertips.

Access Anytime and Anywhere: You can log in to MarketPOS with your Google account. Thanks to cloud technology, your business can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Logging into MarketPOS using your Google account offers a great way to manage your business more efficiently. Try it now and take better control of your business!

Account creation process in the application;

1- If you do not have an account previously created, select the “I am a New MarketPOS User” option.

2- Read and approve the Data Protection Law information text. Tap the Sign in with Google button.

3- Select the email address you want to create an account with. The email account you created will be in the admin role. The administrator role has the right to manage areas such as user management, product management, stock management, subscription transactions. Choose the email address you will use to create an account with, taking this information into account.

4- After selecting the e-mail, wait a short while for the synchronization and installation process.

5- Tap the Login button to log in to your administrator account.

Registered User Login Process;

1- If you have an account created before, select “I Already Use MarketPOS”.

2- Select the email address for your registered account.

3- After selecting the mail, wait a short while for the synchronization process.

4- Tap the Login button to log in to your registered account.

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