Courier application is a mobile order tracking application integrated with MarketPOS. You can install this application on the device of your courier employee in your business and enable him to track package orders, access order information, and access the information required for delivery.

Add your employee who will use the courier application to the system in the MarketPOS application as shown on the help page below.

Now we will show you how to choose the courier for the package order with MarketPOS and how to track this order in the Courier application.

How to place a Package/Courier Order?

1- Login to the MarketPOS application with “System Admin” user.

2- Click to Menu icon on the upper left. Click to CASHIER MENUS and then click to Quick Sale.

3- Select the products of the order and open the Order Summary.

4- Tap the motor courier icon in the Order Summary.

5- If customer information is not registered, tap the add customer icon marked with a circle to save it. If customer information is registered, select it from the list.

6- Select the customer’s address information from the list.

7- Tap the Courier field to assign a courier to the order.

8- Choose your courier who will deliver the order from your registered couriers.

9- Tap the “Prepare Order” to send order to kitchen. After the order prepared by kitchen, Go to “Sales” and find the order, and tap “DELIVER ORDER”, then your order goes to courier.

Also you could tap the “Deliver Order” button to send the order directly to your Courier.

How to track Package Order on Courier App?

1- Open the Courier app and tap the email login button.

2- The courier selects the e-mail address registered in the system and logs in to the application.

3- Orders are sent to the Courier application. For your courier employee, there are buttons here to call the customer and go to their address.

4-Order details appear with the Show Detail button. The order can be marked as delivered with the Delivered button.

5- All orders delivered by the employee are visible in the Order Deliverid field. In the Order Completed field, all package orders delivered by the employee, whose payment has been received and completed in the application, appear.

How to close a Package Order after it has been delivered?

1- After the courier places the order in transportation status, it appears in the Sales tab.

2- After the order is delivered, select order from the sales list.

3- After the order is delivered and payment is received, close the order with the Complete Order button.

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