Changing the currency in the MarketPOS POS (Point of Sale) system allows payment transactions to be made in different currencies according to your preference. Below are the steps to change currency:

  1. Accessing the Settings or Configuration Menu:
    • Access the settings menu of your MarketPOS Sales app.
  2. Finding Currency Settings in the MarketPOS System:
    • In the settings menu, look for the currency settings option.
  3. Choosing the Currency Change Option:
    • Once in currency settings, you will see currency options. Search for your preferred currency from the list.
  4. Choosing the New Currency:
    • To select the new currency, select your preference from the list.
  5. Testing:
    • After changing the currency, test payment transactions and payment reports to ensure the correct currency is used.


1- Log in to MarketPOS as “System Admin“. Tap the “Menu icon” in the top left. Access the “Cashier Settings” Tab from the “CASHIER MENUS” section in the page that opens.

2- From Currency Settings, tap Change Currency.

3- Select the desired currency and the complete the process.

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