MarketPOS Sales Application: Edit the Category Sorting According to Your Needs!

Take a look at the advanced features of MarketPOS that enable your business to run more effectively and efficiently! Provide your customers with a better shopping experience by easily organizing category ordering. With this feature, MarketPOS Sales Application allows you to manage your business in a modern and user-friendly way.

Easily Change Category Sorting – MarketPOS Sales App

It’s up to you to determine the category order! Customize the shopping experience by tailoring your products to your customers’ needs and preferences. To change the category order, you can make any edits you want in just a few steps.

Simple Sorting with Drag and Drop: Easily organize category sorting with drag and drop. Create the order you want by moving products and save changes instantly. Create the best sorting so your customers can find products quickly.

Precise Adjustments with Numeric Values: If you want detailed control, you can precisely adjust the category ordering with numerical values. Create the order you want by listing the products by numbers and apply your changes instantly.

Customize the Shopping Experience: Increase your customers’ satisfaction by enabling them to shop faster and easier. By editing the category order, you can highlight the most popular products or highlight special offers.

Efficient Business Management: Editing the category ranking with MarketPOS makes business management even more effective. You can increase efficiency by speeding up the transactions of both your employees and your customers.

Manage your business in a more effective, user-friendly and competitive way with this category ranking editing feature offered by MarketPOS. Try it now for more information and open the doors to modern business management!


1- Log in to MarketPOS as “System Admin“. Tap the “Menu icon” in the top left. Access the “Product Management” Tab from the “CASHIER MENUS” section in the page that opens.

2- Tab and hold on the category you want to change, drag it and drop it where you want.

MarketPOS allows you to easily edit category ordering. In this way, you can offer your customers a better shopping experience. By moving the products in the order you want, you can highlight the most popular products or special offers.

MarketPOS understands your business needs and helps you manage your business processes smarter. With its modern and user-friendly interface, your staff can quickly receive online orders and you can manage your business more effectively.

Try it now to learn more and discover other benefits MarketPOS offers. We’re here to help your business grow and be more successful!

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