Adding your business logo to the MarketPOS (Point of Sale) Sales and Inventory application login screen is important to promote your brand and create a professional appearance. Here’s a step-by-step demonstration of how to add a business logo to the login screen in the MarketPOS (Point of Sale) Sales app:

  1. Logo Preparation: You will need a digital version of the business logo. This logo should usually be in PNG or JPG format. The quality and size of the logo is important so that it looks good on the login screen.
  2. Access the Login Screen: Access the login screen of your MarketPOS application. You can log in with your user e-mail address and password.
  3. Business Information: You can find the option to upload a logo in the Business Information section in the admin area of the application. Go to this section.
  4. Find the Add Logo Option: In the Profile section, find the Logo field.
  5. Logo Upload: Once you find the logo upload option, click on the “Upload from Device” option.
  6. Logo Selection: Select the logo file from your device. Complete the file upload process.
  7. Save and Confirm: After making the logo settings, save the changes to the application by clicking the “Save” button.
  8. Logo Display: After the logo settings are made, make sure the business logo has been added correctly by viewing the login screen again.
  9. Logo Test: You can close and reopen the app to test how the business logo looks on the login screen. If the logo appears beautifully, the process has been completed successfully.


1- Log in to MarketPOS as System Administrator. Tap the three lines in the top left. Access the Admin Settings Tab from the Management Menus section in the sliding menu that opens.

2- Tap the edit button.

3- On the screen that opens, tap the “+” icon next to the logo.

4- Tap the appropriate button to add an image.

5- Select the Business Logo image and tap the Save Button.

6- Turn on the Use Business Logo and Name on Login Screen setting.

7- The process is completed.

Add your business logo to the login screen, strengthen your brand and give customers a professional impression. By following these steps, adding your business logo to the home screen of your MarketPOS Sales app is easy.

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