The “Stock Management” feature of the MarketPOS application allows you to manage your stocks, one of the most valuable assets of your business, more effectively. Thus, monitoring your stocks, tracking and optimizing orders becomes easier and more efficient. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages offered by this feature:

Follow Stocks Instantly:

Thanks to MarketPOS’s Inventory Management feature, you can track your stock status in real time. You can instantly see which products are in stock, how many are sold, and how much is left. In this way, you can manage your stock levels more precisely.

Stock Levels and Alarm System:

Keep your stocks safe with an alarm system that will alert you when your stocks drop to certain levels. This helps prevent overstocking problems while preventing you from running out of important products.

Automatic Order Management:

By monitoring your stock levels, you can create automatic orders for products that reach low levels. This allows you to prevent out-of-stocks while increasing your ability to always offer customers the products they need.

Inventory Reports and Analyzes:

MarketPOS provides detailed reports and analysis on inventory management. You can see which products are selling best, which ones are moving slowly, and during which time periods demand increases. This data helps shape your business strategies.

Efficiency and Cost Control:

More effective inventory tracking helps you reduce waste and reduce inventory management costs. You can increase your business profitability by avoiding unnecessary excess inventories.

The Stock Management feature of the “MarketPOS” application is an important tool to increase the competitiveness of your business and manage your operations more intelligently. Managing stocks regularly and efficiently contributes to making your business more sustainable and successful.

Thanks to this feature, monitoring your product stocks, tracking orders and optimizing your inventory now becomes easier and more efficient. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages offered by this feature:

Stock Management – STEPS:

1- Log in to MarketPOS as “System Admin“. Tap the “Menu icon” on the top left. Tap “ADMINISTRATION MENUS” and then tap “Inventory Management“.

2- Select the product(s) for which stock information will be entered. Tap the Edit Selected Stock Information button.

3- Write the Buying Price of the products. Check the Inventory Management Active option.

4- Select the Critical Stock Alert option to receive alerts when stock is low. Write down the stock level that is critical for you.

5- Write the product stock quantity and tap the Update button.

6- Stock management of selected products has been completed.

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