Organizing an online store in the MarketPOS POS (Point of Sale) application generally allows you to display your business’s products on the digital platform and sell online. The steps for editing an online store are as follows:

  1. Adding Products and Services:
    • Log in to your application’s admin panel and go to the Product Management section.
    • Select “Add New Product” to add products.
    • Enter information such as product name, price, stock quantity, description, category.
    • Upload images of the product. Quality and attractive images can increase sales of your product online.
  2. Product Categories and Tags:
    • You can organize the products by dividing them into categories. This helps customers find the products they want more easily.
    • For example, you can divide it into categories such as clothing, electronics, food. If you offer the same product in different color or size options, this can also be edited with properties.
  3. Pricing and Discounts:
    • Determine the prices of your products. You can use the discounted price field for special discounts.
    • Highlighting discounted products can attract customers’ attention.
  4. Payment options:
    • Determine which payment methods you will accept on your online store. You can offer options such as credit card, cash, payment at the door. MarketPOS application does not have any payment integration.
  5. Order and Payment Process:
    • Provide an infrastructure that allows customers to add products to the cart and complete the payment process.
  6. Customer Accounts and Login:
    • Your customers will create an account once. They will then be able to access the system whenever they want with their account information. Your customers who create an account will automatically be registered in your system in the application. This allows you to track orders and provide a more personalized experience.
  7. Creating an Online Store:
    • Create your store from the Online Market menu.
    • Update your business information from the business information menu.
  8. Testing and Review:
    • Test the online store you are organizing. Make sure the products look right and the ordering process runs smoothly.
  9. Publishing and Promotion:
    • Online mağazanızı yayınlayın. Sosyal medya, e-posta pazarlama gibi kanallarla mağazanızı tanıtarak müşteri trafiği oluşturun.
    • Share your online store with your customers.

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Online store editing steps

1- Log in to MarketPOS as System Administrator. Tap the three lines in the top left. Access the Online Market Tab from the Cashier Menus section in the sliding menu that opens.

2- Determine the domain name of your internet store specifically for your business here, as per your wishes. Tap the Confirm button.

3- Your online store is opened. Tap the OK button. The editing screen will open.

4- You can change the status of your online store to open, closed or busy from the marked area.

5- You can upload your business logo from the area where the MarketPOS logo is located.

6- You can write your business name in the marked field.

7- Upload a cover image to your online store from the marked area.

8- You can tap the Share button to share the address of your online store.

9- You can share the online store link address to your customers by selecting the channel you want to share.

10- When you tap the Settings button, Business Information settings open.

11- You can edit business information in more detail from this area.

12- You can open your business online store with the See on the web button.

13- You can control how your Online Store appears to your customers.

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