Opening of Day and End Of Day prpcess in the MarketPOS (Point of Sale) application are important for businesses to track daily sales, evaluate their financial situation and make calculations. Here is a step-by-step demonstration of how you can perform Opening OF Day and En Of Day process in the MarketPOS sales application:

What to Do for Daily Sales Tracking

MarketPOS is important for opening-of-day and end-of-day transactions, daily sales tracking, assessing the financial health of the business, tracking stock, and planning future strategies. You can manage your business more effectively by performing these transactions regularly and accurately.


1- Log in to MarketPOS as “Administrator”System Admin” or “Cashier” user. “Administrator “System Admin” user is used in this explanation. Tap to Menu icon on the upper left.

2- For daily reports and sales tracking, tap the End of Day tab under CASHIER MENUS.

3- Confirm the end of day process.

4- After the end of the day is confirmed, the Opening of Day process for the next day is performed automatically. You can see the old sales on the Report section after “End Of Day process.

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You can review your business reports before the Start of Day and End of Day transactions. Click here for the help page on business reports.

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