• The MarketPOS application conducts subscription purchases through “Google Play Store.”
  • Subscriptions on Google Play Store are purchased through the Google account where the app is downloaded.”
  • To make a purchase on Google Play Store, you need to download the app using the email account through which you wish to make the purchase.
  • Follow the steps below to change the email account for downloading the app.

In order to avoid problems after purchasing, the e-mail address you used when purchasing the application and the Google Play Store e-mail address you used to pay during the purchase must be the same.

You checked this and saw that the emails were different. Here is steps explaining how to change the purchase email address in Google Play Store.

A- Mobile Devices:

1-Uninstall MarketPOS app.

2- Reset Google Play Store data. (Device Settings>Applications>Goggle Play Store>Storage>Clear Data>Clear All Data)

3- Open Google Play Store and tap on the “Profile icon” on the top right. Tap the “arrow icon” to the right of the mail account.

4- Then select the mail account which you want to purchase. (email account used in the MarketPOS application) If it is not on the list, add the email account you will make the purchase from.

5- Then search and find the MarketPOS app in the Google Play Store. And download the MarketPOS app.

6- Then open the MarketPOS application and go to the subscription screen by following the steps below.

7- After pressing the purchase button, a screen will appear on Google Play Store. On this screen, tap the arrow next to the payment option. Check which email address you want to use for the purchase.

8- If the e-mail account on the purchase screen that appears in the Google Play Store page is not the same as the account you use for MarketPOS (How to find out the email account I use in MarketPOS app) ; Try the above steps again carefully.

If it doesn’t happen again, try the steps B below to download the application via “Web browser”

B- Web Browser on Windows/MAC/Linux Devices:

1-Uninstall MarketPOS app from your mobile device.

2- Reset Google Play Store data. (Device Settings>Applications>Goggle Play Store>Storage>Clear Data>Clear All Data)

3- Open the web browser application on a device with an operating system such as Windows, MAC, or Linux. Go to https://play.google.com web adress in the browser.

4- On the Google Play Store web page, tap the “profile icon” at the top right.

5- If not exist any account , Click to “Sign in with Google” . If exist any account, click to “Switch Account

6- Select the Google account you use MarketPOS with or log in if there is no account. Be carefull that, your android device also must have the same Google account.

7- Double-check that the correct account is selected in the profile at the top right. Find the MarketPOS app in your Web browser and click to “Install” or “Install on more devices” .

8- On the screen that appears, select the Android device on which you want to install MarketPOS. And then click to install.

9- Write the account password which you use RePOS and click to “Next”. ( Make sure that you sign in correct account)

10- You will get a notice that ” MarketPOS: POS System will be installed on your device soon.” . Click OK .

11-The MarketPOS application will be automatically downloaded in the Gogole Play Store application on your android device.

12. Then try purchasing MarketPOS again. Check that the purchase is being made from the email account you are using the MarketPOS application for. How to check?

13. If the purchased Google account information is not correct; Please retry the above steps for “Web browser” more carefully.

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