Market POS Sales System; It is the application that best meets your needs and goals while determining the most appropriate service level for your business. Pro and Free Plan differences give you a clearer view of the features and benefits offered. Here’s a summary of the main differences between these two plans:

Free Plan:

The free plan is an entry level that allows the use of basic features and services. This plan is generally suitable for staying new. The main features of the free plan are:

  • Limited Functionality: The free plan offers a limited version of basic services and features. This means some advanced functions or features may not be available.
  • Usage Quota: The use of some critical features is stopped for businesses that reach a certain number of orders.
  • Limited Support: The free plan usually offers limited or basic support. To get faster responses or improved support services, you need to upgrade to the professional plan.

Professional Plan:

The Professional plan is a more comprehensive level that offers a wider range of features and advanced services. This plan provides more customization and advanced capabilities for your business. The key features of the professional plan are:

  • Expanded Functionality: The Pro plan offers a wider range of features. There are no limits to the use of features.
  • Higher Quotas: There is no order limit for businesses in this Plan to use certain critical features.
  • Priority Support: Professional plans often offer priority support or faster response times. This helps resolve your issues faster.
FeaturesFree PlanPro Plan
Add Unlimited Products
Fast Selling
Online Catalog
Online Ordering
Adding Images per Product
Order ManagementUp to 100 Orders
Receipt PrintingUp to 100 Orders
Adding Users (Cashier, Administrator and Courier)Up to 100 Orders
ReportUp to 100 Orders
Stock managementUp to 100 Orders
Customer Management
Private Website
Menu Management
Ordering with QR Code

Phrases and Explanations

Admin User: It is the user who is the owner of the system and connected to your e-mail address that you first installed the system. An administrative user also has vault user features.

Cashier User: It is the user included in the system by the administrator user and can only make transactions for order transactions.

Users must log in to the application with the e-mail address under the same license.

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