Promote Your Products with Whatsapp

MarketPOS helps you connect with customers and promote your products on WhatsApp. You can also count on us to manage your orders, stocks, print receipts and run all your transactions from your mobile devices. We will show you how to promote your products on whatsapp..

How to sell on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Business is an application created to meet the needs of business owners. Whatsapp helps you reply to messages quickly and provide customers with an excellent shopping experience. With WhatsApp, you can provide customer support about your products and share relevant information with customers.

With WhatsApp Business, you can:

Create a Business Profile: Record your address, hours of operation, description of your business, useful information such as your e-mail and internet address.

Use Tags: Easily categorize chats that include features such as new customers, unpaid orders, and completed orders with tags.

Create Quick Answers: Create and save quick answers to quickly answer your most frequently asked questions.

Create Automatic Messages: Create automatic messages to respond instantly to your customers. This can be a welcome message.

2) Create a product catalog

Add your products to the system and create a catalog with our simple and easy-to-use MarketPOS application. With the MarketPOS application;

Receive orders via WhatsApp
Add images of your products
manage your stocks
Create your Internet Store
Advertise your catalog on Social Media

3) Connect with customers

Selling on WhatsApp has never been so simple, fast and easy.

Register your customers to MarketPOS and get in touch with your customers within minutes.

From the Customer Management area, you can share order information, send them a copy of your order receipts, take online orders and start tracking their purchasing habits.

4) Create a free website

MarketPOS helps you take your business operation to the next level.

With the MarketPOS application, in addition to managing your products, you can also create a free website for your business in 1 minute.

Make sure your customers don’t place orders online to shop with you. Your customers can order from the catalog and send you a message about the product via WhatsApp.

5) Promote your products

Once you’ve created your product catalog and launched your free website, it’s time to promote your business and increase sales.

Do you know how to use WhatsApp to sell products?

Send your internet catalog to your customers and promote your products. Also, create your business profile on your internet address and promote your business.

6) Receive orders via WhatsApp

Via WhatsApp with MarketPOS;

Can sell online
You can create an online catalog of your products
can share your catholic
You can promote your products

Try the complete WhatsApp order management for your business now

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